Three Hunters

I heard this news last night on tumblr and I am still not over it, omg.

...I'm also pleased to announce that Lee Pace will be playing the Elven King Thranduil. Casting these Tolkien stories is very difficult, especially the Elven characters, and Lee has always been our first choice for Thranduil. He's going to be great. We loved his performance in a movie called "The Fall" a few years ago, and have been hoping to work with him since. When we were first discussing who would be right for Thranduil, Lee came into mind almost immediately.

-Peter Jackson, via facebook


They mentioned "The Fall", which I loved! LEE PACE AS THRANDUIL. AS IN LEGOLAS' DAD! LEE PACE IS ORLANDO BLOOM'S DAD. Sorry, but I can't not capslock, I am so happy!

Writer's Block: School days

Do you think kids should learn about sex in school, and why?

Definitely, these kids are exposed to sex at younger and younger ages, but the sources are not so reliable and don't give them the facts. Parents should also be responsible, but I feel like a lot would rather live in la-la land and pretend their children are innocent little cherubs for as long as possible. Other parents, like mine, are from different cultures and talking about sex with children is really uncomfortable for them. I thinks it's a good idea for responsible adult authority figures like teachers teach the all the facts and then if the kids have questions they can ask the teacher or their parents.

Not dead!

I am not dead. Hello, everyone!

I've been avoiding LJ, well not really, I just lacked motivation to post here. But i have been lurking in comms. Tumblr is just more instant-satisfaction-y...and my paid account ran out and I hate ads. But I will make an effort to be around more.

How are you guys? Have I missed anything huge? I'll have to wait till later until to check my friends list...

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Voice Post

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“Hello Jenna(?), it's Jasmine. And I remember to have ___ though. Today, and I just like calling to falling. I have a actual topic to talk about. Maybe you can tell maybe again but I'm kinda talking with my mouth really hurting like have a lissfull(?) little bit. Cos I'm trying to not to chew on my right cheek. My loosen teeth is still in and the accomplish is not my back teeth on the right side and the left side but more on the right side. And my, I can't help it and I chew on my cheek and it really hurt from zone(?) plane(?) and stuff. So went on to Wal Mart and bought some I bought some mustard(?). Hopefully they work. At least, so I can chew on my cheek for a while wake at night. Cos it really really hurts. It really hurts. So that's why I have a feeling that sooner or later than way that I have to get my wisdom taken out. Cos it's starting like bug me but not before it test(?) cos you know God know I'm not gonna be out for week on drugs. Before the test how bad would that be. So yeah I just just tell to share my thing really does. I found they're expensive. They're like at least $20. I got like possible small ones so they were like 3(?). So just for your information and yeah the thing is done with my wish list. I'll make another one tomorrow or something. So that I remember that I have them. Alright I love you all. Keep you updated. Bye.”

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